Sarah Lynn

“Let’s race!”

Lap One!
Checkered flag.
Seatbelt strapped!
Helmet snapped!
Screeching down the lane!

Lap Two!
Crouch down low.
Give it gas.
Try to pass,
zooming for the lead!

Lap Three!
Clutch the wheel,
knuckles white.
Swerve to right!
Missing that big smash!

Lap Four!
Hard to steer.
Tire squeals!
Spinning wheels!
Flipping! Twisting! Land!

Continued . . .

1-2-3 Va-Va-Vroom! A Counting Book

Written by Sarah Lynn, Illustrated by Daniel Griffo
Amazon Children’s Publishing
Hardcover ISBN# 9780761461623

Three kids imagine themselves driving on a racetrack in superfast cars. They zoom around 10 laps, counting toward the finish. Get in your car, and let's race! Va-va-vroom!

Lap One! Va-va-vroom!

Lap Two! Va-va-vroom!

Artwork by Daniel Griffo, copyright © 2012 by Amazon Books

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