Sarah Lynn

Pop taught Emma to tap before she could talk.
Clickety-clack, clickety-clack, buffalo-step-stomp.

“Music is everywhere,”
he whispered, pulling her close.
“I will show you how
to make it with your feet.”

They back-flapped at the Farmer’s Market,
past strawberries and kettle corn,
and dig-shuffle-chugged
through town.

And every year on Emma’s birthday,
Pop and Emma put on a

until the smell of Gram’s
famous strawberry shortcake
made their noses tingle,
and their mouths water.


Tip Tap Pop

Tip-Tap Pop Sarah Lynn (author), Valeria Docampo (illustrator), Marshall Cavendish, September 2010, $17.99. (32p). ISBN 978-0-7614-5712-1.
PreS-Gr 4—The process of watching a loved one grow older with significant memory loss is full of unanswered questions--for adults as well as children. Although the author doesn’t share any solutions, there is a tender sweetness in this title, as a young girl finds a way to reconnect with her beloved grandfather through their shared love of dancing. Pop taught Emma to tap dance before she could talk. The love of music and dancing joyfully springs from each double-page spread. Slowly, Pop starts to forget things like walking the dog and Emma’s birthday. The sadness of things forgotten comes across clearly in the dog's doleful posture and the missing energy in the still air. When Emma notices that Pop’s feet can still remember how to dance, a quiet hope grows that other special memories survive. A successful title in addressing a child’s perspective of aging and memory loss, it nicely complements Mem Fox and Julie Vivas's classic Wilfrid Gordon McDonald Partridge.
–Kirkus Reviews September 1, 2010

Tip-Tap Pop Sarah Lynn (author), Valeria Docampo (illustrator). Marshall Cavendish, September 2010, $17.99 (32p). ISBN 978-0-7614-5712-1.
PreS-Gr 4—Emma has been dancing with her grandpa since she was a baby. They make clickety-clack, tip-tapping noises with their feet wherever they go and use hats and canes in their impromptu performances. The role of teacher switches to Emma, though, after her sixth birthday, as it has become difficult for Pop to remember things, and she is determined to find a way to keep their dance routines going. She learns the truth about his memory loss through a conversation with her grandma. “‘His feet remember,’ Emma explained softly. ‘They remember today.’ Gram smiled, reaching one hand to Pop and the other to Emma. ‘And maybe we can help them remember tomorrow.’” Short text and attention-grabbing words combine with colorful gouache and pencil illustrations. The passage of time is reflected through birthday cakes and changing appearances. Emma’s pink dresses stand out against the greens and blues on the pages, as does a lovable pup that is never far from her side or Pop’s. With Docampo’s inclusion of a gramophone, bowties, and suspenders, Tip-Tap Pop has a nostalgic feel and leisurely pace.
–SLJ September, 2010

“Camarillo Writer Weaves a Captivating Children’s Tale. A good picture book needs rhythmic vocabulary, illustrations that complement the story line and characters that capture the hearts of young and old alike. “Tip-Tap Pop” by Camarillo author Sarah Lynn, filled with Valeria Docampo’s bright, cheerful illustrations, has all those ingredients and more.” Jo Ellen Heil, Literary Happenings with Ventura County Star

(written by Sarah Lynn, illustrated by Valeria Docampo)

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Artwork by Valeria Docampo, copyright © 2010 by Marshall Cavendish

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